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Scene Title: Honey

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18 minutes 36 seconds of video

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Honey is from the country side of Hungry. She learned at an early age that anything could be bought, as her own her brother was sold to help her struggling family pay bills. Honey began working at a local brothel cleaning up the used condoms while still in school. She is ready for you to fuck her at all times and it not necessary that you waste your time with foreplay with this tramp. She is such a good whore, she has no problem if make some side cash off her and pimp her out. She loves to take it in her ass over and over again!
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Honey ,  Katarina
Scene Title: Honey and Katarina

32 minutes 49 seconds of video

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Katarina a beautiful little blonde flower with gentle blue eyes and a mouth just waiting to slurp on your cock. She is the offspring of a Miss Hungry contestant and father was a former KGB officer. She grew her entire 19 years of existence fearing retribution for her fathers crimes. As a result of her sheltered life she was never exposed to the harsh elements of her surroundings, thus explaining her fair and unspoiled innocence. Katherine is looking for someone to offer her the simple pleasures of life, a beautiful house, a nice car, a devoted husband and most of all her beloved green card. But of course, once you have married Katarina and have her in your country, feel free to pull her hair, choke her, slap her, sodomized her, toss her around and invite your friends over for a good old fashioned gang bang! After all, who is she going to tell, the KGB? Thats why this little blossom will be a wonderful bride, as dumb as she is beautiful, you will be the envy of the neighborhood as she serves your friends beer at the B-B-Q. She teams up with Honey to do a girl-girl strip show, then they team up to fuck a lucky guy.

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Scene Title: Jasmine

15 minutes 54 seconds of video

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Jasmine was born to her auto worker father and her sickly but devoted mother, who made up for their substandard living by servicing her fathers bosses at lunch. Jasmine, like all the women of Gyor is longing to leave this city before it is occupied by the evil communists again. Jasmines vagina has been conquered many times; much like the land of her birth was invaded by countless armies. Jasmine offers any potential suitors a velvety soft vagina that can accommodate even the most well endowed and as far as we know, the only untapped asshole in Gyor. Even her brother claims that this is so. She shows how easily her pussy can be plowed by your cock as she fucks a would be suitor like a woman on a mission.

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