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Jasmine ReturnsFeaturing: JasmineAdded 06/15/2022
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Jasmine was born to her auto worker father and her sickly but devoted mother, who made up for their substandard living by servicing her fathers bosses at lunch. Jasmine, like all the women of Gyor is longing to leave this city before it is occupied by the evil communists again. Jasmines vagina has been conquered many times; much like the land of her birth was invaded by countless armies. Jasmine offers any potential suitors a velvety soft vagina that can accommodate even the most well endowed and as far as we know, the only untapped asshole in Gyor. Even her brother claims that this is so. She shows her future husband how well she sucks cock and even enjoys it when he throat fucks her. She even lets the guys buddy fuck her too!

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JennyFeaturing: JennyAdded 10/13/2010
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Jenny tells the camera that she is from a small town in Eastern Germany. She wants to go to America and says she will have a baby for the man who gives her a Green Card. She goes on to say that she likes to suck cock and loves it in the ass. She is so damn cute, when she speaks her very thick accent you will want to be the one whose dick she sucks every night. She is a sexual demon and fucks like a wild woman! She slobbers all over her guys cock, and slaps herself silly just so she can prove how much she can take. She rams her fingers up her ass and demands to be fucked harder. This little spark plug is a good time!

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Jenny and CameronFeaturing: Cameron, JennyAdded 05/12/2022
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Cameron is from Prague in the Czech Republic. Her mother and father were Soviet dissidents and smuggled their youngest daughter to the safety of the Golem who lives under the streets of their beautiful capital city. Young Cameron learned many things from her protector including her love of the anal arts. On her 21st birthday the Golem convinced her it was safe to visit the outside world. Upon leaving, Cameron was shocked to learn the Soviets had been gone for over 15 years and that her family was long dead. Cameron made it her goal to have anal sex at least three times per day as her way of paying tribute to her family. After all those years as a concubine to the Golem you know she will make a great wife. She shows that she would be the envy of all your friends by having her friend Jenny team up with her to fuck two lucky guys. Just think that could be you and your best friend fucking her in the asshole while her friend sucks your cocks.

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